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Felix in Berrie

Ok most emotional post incoming:


Today 10 months ago I spent the first day in Canada.
It has been a long time since that day and now that it is my last one and I'll be back in Berlin in 4 days, I can't imagine how fast it actually went.
There has been ups and downs for me, but at no time I felt not welcome or uncomfortable in this beautiful country!
I met wonderful people here that I will never forget and try to stay in contact with as much as possible.
All I can say is thank you!

Thank you to every single one of you guys that I had the pleasure to meet during these 10 months.
Thank you to all my friends, my host families, and everyone else, making my time here so enjoyable!
It doesn't matter if I knew you barely or if we only met once. If we saw each other in the bus or if I just smiled at you in the hallway.
Even if you don't think so, you made my exchange a wonderful time!
It's hard to describe an exchange in words. I think you just have to do it yourself to understand it, but what I can say is that I made memories no one can take from me and that I probably wouldn't have made in Germany that way.
Thank you for laughing, drinking, crying and loving with me.
Thank you for all the stories we wrote together.

Thank you for everything!
I'll never forget you guys!

Love y'all